The purpose of the CCSD is to: 

  • Establish and maintain a common standard of procedure codes and narratives that reflect current medical practice within the independent healthcare sector by publishing the CCSD Schedule
  • Establish and maintain industry standard codes for diagnostic tests (ISCs) which were launched in September 2013 to drive further standardisation of coding
  • Make this standard available to all those working in the sector at a minimal, equitable charge that does not limit adoption or usage
  • Update the standard in-line with new technologies and changes in medical practice


Two workstreams are responsible for CCSD work:

  • The CCSD Board acts as a steering committee, providing overall direction and strategy and ensures that the CCSD delivers against its strategic objectives
  • The CCSD Working Group is responsible for ongoing maintenance of the CCSD Schedule.  The Working Group discusses and decides the outcomes of any new procedure amendment requests and other changes to the Schedule


The CCSD Group does not:

Discuss or determine levels of agreement for re-imbursement or fees

Define consultant or anaesthetist classifications.Capita Health facilitates the assignment of hospital classifications with the Hospital Liaison Group, in line with OFT guidance

Reimbursement is decided by each insurer. It is suggested that reimbursement queries are discussed directly with the respective insurance company