CCSD Schedule Amendment Request Update

Once your completed request form has been submitted you will be sent a reference number which you can use to track the status of your request in the Recent Requests page, which provides an update of recent CCSD code requests.  

Each completed form is reviewed by clinical experts at Tribal and is then circulated to the CCSD Working Group for review.  At this stage additional information can be requested by the CCSD Working Group to aid the review process. Once a decision has been made by the CCSD Working Group, the person who requested the change is notified.  All approved changes to the CCSD Schedule are released on a monthly basis.

The Schedule

The CCSD Schedule is updated on a monthly basis.  Click here to see the updates. 

Code Requests in Progress

Interested in what has been updated - click here for more information. 

Applying for a Licence

Apply online for a CCSD Licence. Click here to find out more