CCSD Bulletin

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In order to maintain the integrity of the updated set of codes and narratives, the CCSD updates and maintains the CCSD Schedule on a monthly basis. This involves issuing new codes and narratives to reflect new procedures that are recognised in the industry and making the updated information available to licence holders.  The CCSD Bulletin lists the most recent changes to the CCSD Schedule.

Current Bulletin

Reimbursement is decided by each insurer. It is suggested that reimbursement queries are discussed directly with the respective insurance company therefore please contact each insurer directly to ascertain whether benefit is provided

The CCSD Working Group meets every six weeks please see here for meeting schedule

The CCSD Group has reviewed requests for changes to the CCSD Schedule for April/May and accepted the following changes to the CCSD Schedule:

Procedural Schedule

Bulletin 160 - Apr/May19 - PDF

Bulletin 160 - Apr/May19 - CSV

Diagnostic Schedule

Bulletin 57 - Apr/May19 - PDF

Bulletin 57 - Apr/May19 - CSV

Coding Principles

Bulletin - Apr/May19 - CSV