History of the CCSD

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CCSD stands for Clinical Coding & Schedule Development Group. It was originally formed to oversee the improvement of coding standards for the private healthcare sector.

The CCSD Group initially commissioned Newchurch Limited, a UK healthcare consultancy, in 1997 to work on the development of improved codes and descriptions. That work, which took over four years to complete, involved over 130 consultants working in 22 specialty groups to develop improved codes and descriptions for surgical procedures performed within the private sector.

Capita Health (formally Tribal) was appointed by the CCSD Group in April 2004 to oversee the Group's ongoing project management and to assist in the launch of the CCSD Schedule which took place in January 2006.  Since then Capita Health has continued to work closely with the CCSD Group to project manage the ongoing maintenance and development of the CCSD Schedule(s) and associated projects. 

About the Schedule(s)

The CCSD Schedule(s) sets standards within the private healthcare sector by providing procedure and diagnostic tests codes and narratives to reflect current medical practice. The Schedule(s) currently cover both procedure codes and diagnostic tests codes.

In order to maintain the integrity of the CCSD Schedule(s), any amendments that may include new procedure or test codes, narrative changes, code reinstatements or code inactivations are released on a monthly basis.