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The Clinical Coding and Schedule Group consists of representatives from four major private healthcare insurers

These four insurers have appointed representatives within their own organisations to form two groups.

CCSD Board

The Board acts as a steering committee and provides overall direction and strategy for the activities of the CCSD Group.

CCSD Working Group

The Working Group is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the CCSD Schedule(s). It discusses and decides the outcome of any new procedure or diagnostic test codes, narrative changes, reinstatements and inactivation code requests. It also considers any unacceptable combinations. Any changes to the CCSD Schedule(s) are released on a monthly basis and can be searched in the Members or CCSD Schedule pages.

The CCSD Group does not determine reimbursement levels for specific codes.

Capita Health project manages the ongoing maintenance and development of the CCSD Schedule(s).  CCSD Services Limited (a Capita Health subsidiary) is CCSD Group's Agent and manages the licence process for all CCSD licensees.