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Any revenue the CCCD Group receive (from licence fee holders) is used to fund the maintenance of the CCSD Schedule(s) (updated monthly) and to fund an annual programme of development work.

The members of the CCSD Group do not make any profit from CCSD revenue. Any surplus funds are used to either further improve the Schedule or to reduce the licence fee for the following year.

The annual programme of development work is set by the CCSD Board and may include developments to support the delivery for the CCSD Group, for example the development of the new CCSD website (live August 2014) or to fund reviews of specific chapters to ensure the codes reflect current medical practice and reflect the needs of the industry. The development programme also includes the production of new outputs to support industry wide coding, for example the creation and publication of the new Diagnostic Tests Schedule (September 2013) and the creation of a communication pack to support the industry wide implementation of ICD-10.