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June 2014

The Clinical Coding and Schedule Development Group supports the industry wide implementation of ICD-10. The Group has developed an initial communication pack for the UK private healthcare industry that includes options setting out how providers might implement ICD-10, together with some key FAQs. These FAQs will be updated as the changes are implemented across the industry.

The current ICD-9 diagnosis classification widely used in the private healthcare sector has been superseded by ICD-10 elsewhere. The NHS updated to ICD-10 over 20 years ago, and the recent Competition and Markets Authority report recommended β€˜a robust system of diagnostic coding, such as ICD-10’ outlining β€˜it is essential to allow the production of meaningful information for patients as, without this data, it is not possible to distinguish between consultants and hospitals with poorer outcomes and those with sicker patients.’

Link to the presentation.

Any further queries about ICD-10 implementation not addressed in the FAQs section can be directed to Capita Health (CCSD@Capita.co.uk) which project manages the  ongoing maintenance and development of the CCSD Schedule.