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March 2018

The Radiotherapy chapter was reviewed during 2017 by the CCSD Working Group with input from specialists and hospital groups. The revised chapter was published on 8th March 2018 with a recommended adoption date of 1st May 2018. 

The previous Radiotherapy chapter codes have been inactivated and replaced with a new code set following the below logic:

X0007 - X0012  Clinical supervision codes

X6000 - X6099 Service planning codes

X7000 - X7099 Hospital service delivery codes

X9000 - X9049 Supplementary radiotherapy codes

It is intended that planning codes (X6000-X6099) are to be used by both consultants and hospital providers. Delivery codes (X7000-X7099) are to be used by hospital providers only and clinical supervision codes (X0007-X0012) are to be used by consultants only for delivery.

Supplementary codes (X9000 - X9049) should be used in addition to delivery codes (X7000 - X7099) to add further information such as the use of image control or motion management techniques and should not be used alone.