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CCSD Coding Principles

The CCSD Coding Principles Project is intended to establish a robust guidance framework to support the accurate coding of clinical activity within the independent healthcare sector. The project comprises two components: principles and unacceptable combinations

  • Principles provide a framework that applies to all sections of the CCSD Schedule(s).  It sets out underpinning guidance regarding how the authors of CCSD codes intend them to be interpreted.
  • Unacceptable combinations provide practical guidance for users of the CCSD Schedule(s).  They indicate how the authors of the codes and narratives intend them to be applied to clinical activity, in particular indicating where codes are not intended to be used in combination.

These combinations are not exhaustive and will be updated as part of an ongoing programme.

The outputs are available to be used by all individual insurers and providers including CCSD and non-CCSD members. Please note that:

  • The CCSD Group does not discuss nor determine classifications, re-imbursement or fees - all insurers will have their own view on these matters
  • The inclusion of a procedure code or diagnostic test code and/or its associated coding principles in the CCSD Schedule(s) does not necessarily mean that it is endorsed by all members of the CCSD Group and codes may or may not be included in individual insurers’ own Schedules or covered
  • The coding principles are non-exhaustive guidelines only - each individual insurer may choose whether or not to adopt an individual combination of codes in practice and you will need to contact the insurer for further information.

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