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Guidance for submitting a code request

  1. The CCSD Group welcomes input from across the industry and encourages individual consultants, providers of healthcare and other insurers to submit code requests where a code is required or where an existing code needs to be changed to reflect current clinical practice.
  2. In order to submit a request you will need to be registered to access the members’ areas of the CCSD website. You can do this under the ‘new users’ page. CCSD requires you to register to provide an audit trail of where new requests originated, provide a contact point for queries and because the CCSD Schedule(s) is copyrighted and users need to agree to the terms and conditions of use.
  3. Once registered, you should navigate to the ‘submit a code request page’ and select ‘start new request’. This will bring up a form to complete, which includes basic information of the code you want to add or amend and more detailed, clinical information about the request.
  4. All requests for changes to the CCSD Schedule must be submitted on this form before the CCSD Group will consider it for review at one of its sessions.
  5. If all sections are not completed correctly, CCSD will contact you requesting that you supply the necessary information. On occasion CCSD may request further data to help in its decision making. We will only seek such information as requested by the CCSD Working Group.
  6. Please note that the CCSD is under no obligation to automatically supply a code for a proposed procedure or test. The Working Group has developed guiding principles for reviewing and approving code requests which can be found of the ‘Schedule Amendments’ page.